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What is a school Bond?

A school Bond issue is used by public school districts to fund capital improvement projects. These measures are placed on the ballot by school boards to be considered and voted on by the public.

When is the Grove School District Bond Election?

The Bond election will be held on April 4, 2023. The last date to register to vote is March 11, 2023.

How do I register to vote?

If you are not registered, go to to start the process online. They will then mail you a registration application within 24 hours; sign and date the application and mail it back. You can also pick up a voter registration form at the Delaware County Election Board Office located at 225 S 5th St. Jay, OK 74346.

Why do we have to raise property taxes to fund the school bond?

Most districts do not have sufficient funds to perform necessary expansion and improvements, particularly additions of new facilities. A specific millage pays Bonds (amount of the property taxes) applied to the bond debt. This increased millage by State law comes from voted increases in property taxes. Our best and almost only route in Oklahoma is to sell the bonds (incur the debt) and pay them back by increasing the millage.  

What will the Bond fund?

The proposed bond will fund a new high school on 13 acres north of the current high school. In addition, the current high school will be reconfigured to house a junior high for grades 7, 8, and 9, and parking spaces will be added for the Performing Arts Center (PAC). The bond will also fund the construction of a gym and practice facilities for all male and female athletes in grades 7-12.

Why is it the right time for a Bond?

The growth in enrollment trends, overcrowded classrooms, and unacceptable traffic congestion at the west campuses of Grove Public Schools necessitate the need for investment in the district. This bond proposal provides the resources needed to address these issues and, ultimately, to provide students with the best educational experience.

Will the Bond impact the entire district?

Yes, the improvements made will bring multi-use facilities that will impact the entire district and the Grove community.

How much will this cost me?

Grove Tax.jpg

When will the project be completed?

We are still in preliminary talks, but the design team and construction manager will phase out the projects so we can see progress as soon as possible, with all projects completed within an 18-24 month timespan.

If we pass the Bond, will we just have to do another one in a few years?

As our community grows, the district will continue to monitor needs. There is always the potential need for additional space to support growth. However, we have a plan in place to continue using our funds to the best of our abilities.

I don't have a child attending Grove Public Schools, why should I vote?

Even if you don’t have a child currently in the Grove School District, your property taxes help fund school bonds. The Bond will create spaces that can be used by the community.


Young people are the future workforce, homeowners, and taxpayers. Their education prepares them for the next step into adulthood, and the stronger their foundation, the better their outcomes.

Who will build the facility and will they be on site?

Crossland Construction will be the construction manager on the Bond projects. They will have staff full-time on site and have ensured us that all projects will be completed, in budget and on time.

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